Still working on designing the perfect sign for your next HelloManagers campaign?  Let us help!  We had our designer create a bunch of great new designs which are now available in the "Materials" section of your online dashboard.  We've given you over 140 design variations with your business' HelloManagers number already included.  Simply click and print.

To make life even easier, we also included the photoshop templates for each sign design, giving you the chance to easily customize colors, add a logo, and test multiple messages.  We encourage everyone to be creative and have fun, the sky is the limit!  

Want to know what new seasonal beer your customers like most?  How the new lighting is affecting their experience?  What they would like to see changed?  Ask!  Change the questions on your signs, test the placement and time of introduction, and extract a wide variety of honest, private feedback.

Our design team is hard at work and will continue to update your materials section with new, fresh designs.  Until then, please share with us any designs you love! 


HelloManagers - iPhone / iPad App available for download

Fri, Oct 18, 2013 3:04 PM by Homyk John

Have a good or bad experience with your waiter? Gym lockers looking a bit dirty? Want to see your favorite item back on the menu? If only you could quickly and easily send private feedback to any business manager….

We have exciting news to report from the HelloManagers office.  Our mobile app, version 1.0.01 is now available for download on the iTunes Store!  The app is supported for iOS 6 and 7, and works on all iPhone and iPad models.  The Android App will follow shortly.

We are web developers not app developers, so we turned to our friends at for help. allowed us to develop the HelloManagers app using languages we are familiar with, mostly HTML5, CSS and AngularJS.  Using the code we wrote, then builds native mobile apps for various platforms and device sizes.

Customers can search for any local business and send private feedback directly to the managers.  For business locations not yet signed up, we will hunt down the owner and managers and make sure feedback is delivered. Once the business responds, customers will be alerted and receive their message in their HelloManagers inbox, allowing the private dialog to continue.

Own or manage a business?  Claim your business today and start listening to what your customers have to say!

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